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Most idea has provided solutions for many sectors including textile, gas, tourism, and health since 2005. With our experience in web and mobile applications, we can analyse the needs of your firm accurately, and develop suitable solutions.

Most idea provides services to the largest firms in Turkey and hundreds of users and is one of the most preferred and satisfied company by special software solutions, and special interface design, and web reporting/portal solutions.

If you want to meet with Most idea solutions, you can contact us.

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As Most idea, we follow 4 fundamental steps in all our special software development projects.
  • Analysis & Project Development

    Analysing your system, business, and needs for the project and showing the results with documents. The project development process starts after projecting all the details of the work under the scope of the project.

  • Development

    As all the details of the project was determine during analysis and project development process, development process includes forming database and coding according to best software architecture with appropriate and flexible structure. Project managers of both companies work in contact during development work.

  • Testing

    Codes for the sample application are comparatively tested and the resulting data are reported. Based on the test data, the project is reviewed, and this cycle is applied until the perfect results are obtained. After the positive test results, the application starts with the approval of the project managers.

  • Implementation

    As the application has positive results from all test, security tests and security application integration is carried out. The complete application is delivered to our team that will integrate the project on the customer side. Our team starts installation and training as stated in project analysis.

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