Connector Solutions


Most Connector is a web-based e-Invoice, e-Account, and e-Archive Invoice application that can work integrated with different ERP and accounting systems. It was developed to enable the connection between user systems and Most Connector e-Conversion Special Integrator systems and to allow the user to manage E-Conversion processes easily with its simple interfaces.

The application is integrated with the user ERP or accounting systems with the database connections after installation to the user systems. The communication between the application and Most Recnciliation e-Conversion Special Integrator systems are obtained via web services.

Once the Most Reconciliation application is installed in the user systems and integration with the user systems, the user can manage the e-Transformation processes through the application interfaces.


e-Invoice in the own system of the user is directly saved into the “Drafts” section of the application and the user can send it by pressing the “Send” button after checking the e-Invoice. After pressing “Send” button, e-Invoice is transferred first to the Most Connector E-Invoice Special Integrator systems and then to the invoice receiver through IOP.

The e-Invoices of the user are in “Incoming” box of the application after being sent to the Most Connector e-Invoice Special Integrator systems by the IOP. The user can perform operations such as viewing, saving, accepting or rejecting the incoming e-Invoice, or transferring e-Invoices into their own systems if “Incoming e-Invoice Integration” is provided between user systems and the application.

With the Most Connector application, the e-Invoice process can be carried out as if the user system uses an original solution. In addition, the user has the opportunity to benefit from the privileges and advantages of the Most Connector E-Invoice Special Integrator Service in this challenging process with to the application.


* Application provide easy management over “Incoming” and “Send” invoices.

* The application can be integrated with the leading companies of Turkey ERP market like LOGO, Mikro, Netsis, Promaks, Method software systems.

* In the application, necessary queries can be written and integration with any ERP or accounting system can be provided. The queries for this operation needs to be written by the technical team of the user.

* More than one company can be defined in the application. (e-Invoice processes of more than one company can be managed with a single computer setup.)

* Multiple users with different authorities can be defined within the application.

* User can easily track send and draft invoices from the enhanced left menu on the e-Invoice screen of the application.

* The application is compatible with Uyumsoft, Türkkep, NES Bilgi and EDM Informatics integrators.