We all know that information technology is now a necessity for every large and small-scale company.

Under the scope of SAP ERP projects, our expert consultants analyse and evaluate your business processes to design and implement the most appropriate solution for your business.

With our knowledge and experience on SAP logistics and financial modules, we provide the most up-to-date project construction methodology, and deliver timely and high-quality projects.


In current competitive business world, the companies that target for the best focus on their most valuable equity, their customers. Companies are looking for new ways to sustain the best services to customers, and increase interaction in sales, service, and marketing.

Unlike other CRM software, SAP CRM application not only aims to reduce costs and increase decision-making capacity in the short-term, but also increases competitiveness by highlighting the differentiated capabilities of companies in the long run.

As Most idea, we are ready to fulfil your CRM needs within the SAP system, together with our experienced SAP CRM consultants.


We offer software development services integrated with SAP products to meet the needs of our customers.

Most idea Technology Team has experienced analysts and software developers. We believe that successful software projects will be realized through accurate analysis and planning.

We start our projects by analysing needs; we share our process design with you to help you understand what the system will look like at the end of the project. Because we know that the cooperation between the development team and the customer in the project has a positive effect on the successful business.

We built your systems with Java, .Net or modern web technologies by following UML-based analysis and project methodology. We rely on our enterprise application development experience for integration of SAP and non-SAP systems. We therefore wish to work with you to become part of your success story.